Friday, July 3, 2009

Ice Cream Man

It's summer. It's hot. You're at the cookout. And the only ice cream available is from the ice cream man, toodling his melodious truck down the street. But what if you don't feel like Good Humor today? What if you want the creamy goodness of gourmet ice cream? What to do?

Don't panic. You have options, even when eating in the great outdoors. Meet the Tubbie, a pint-sized ice cream cooler that'll keep your frozen desserts truly frozen for at least 90 minutes, giving you time to chow down a burger or two before tucking into the main cool event. The Tubbie comes in a bunch of cute colors (perfect for flavor identification). All you have to do is keep the lid in the freezer for truly portable pints of ice cream, anytime.

So expand your outdoor ice cream repertoire. Find the Tubbie at for just 13 bucks apiece. And never chase the ice cream man down the street again.

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