Thursday, July 2, 2009

Throw Away Party for 50

Have you taken it upon yourself to throw the Independence Day party of a lifetime? Or, have you foisted off that responsibility onto a friend or family member? While these parties can be a blast, there's always the sticky situation of plates, forks and everything else for the table. 'Cause, let's face it, it's a Hobson's Choice: either you do dishes for three days after the bash, or you contribute to landfill in a heinous way. Our Founding Fathers would disapprove.

Well, not anymore. Check out this disposable party set for fifty guests. It delivers everything you or your friend/hostess needs to serve, from soup to cups. And, it's made of a sugarcane derivative paper pulp, which biodegrades quickly and easily. You could even compost the stuff. Ok, it's not dyed in bright patriotic colors, but you have to compromise somewhere, right?

Plus, the whole set's just $48. That's not bad, considering the water (cleanup of normal dishes) savings, the lessened environmental impact, and the impact this guilt-free throw away arrangement could have on sanity. Order the whole thing at

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