Thursday, July 23, 2009

Utilitarian Cocktails

There's been a lot of focus here lately on the wedding gift front, and it's going to continue for as long as people insist on getting hitched during the sweatiest months of the year.

Still, svitzing is no reason to not buy the aspiring (perspiring?) couple a great gift. And a great gift, to my mind anyway, is something they'll actually use. These iitala Kartio glasses completely fit that bill. Classics since 1958, Kartios come in modernist colors straight off the set of Mad Men that fit well with practically any decor. They have a heavy, comforting weight to them (less breakable for all those newlywed fights). Plus, they add a touch of funky class to anyway which resides inside them, from morning o.j. to vodka rocks. They will use them everyday.

Kartios are pretty well-priced, too, coming in at around 18 bucks for a set of two. Buy them four sets and you're done, unless you want to throw in a bottle of great vodka, too. Order at And encourage them to drink to their good health.

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