Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saved in the Shade

It's reached that point: the weather's hot. Hot enough that the beach, the lake, even the yard with the sprinklers running holds massive appeal. But what about that dangerous sun?

What every outdoor setting needs is a good beach umbrella. It offers protection beyond mere SPF, plus adds a certain tack factor that's somehow desirable when lounging in the sweltering dog days of August. It's also an ideal hostess gift to bring when invited to a beach or lake house. Everyone can use another umbrella, especially one as ultra-cute as this one. Those palm fronds beckon enticingly (there are other patterns, too, like one that resembles a gigantic sunflower). More importantly, kids will LOVE the whimsy, consider it the bomb for all sorts of summer imaginary games, and get sun protection to boot.

View your umbrella choices at Did I mention it's under forty bucks? Hey, you really will "save in the shade."

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