Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Driving Need for Self-Expression

It's true that I live in one of the most auto-centric cities on earth, so I'm willing to admit that not everyone sits stuck in traffic, amusing themselves by reading creative vanity plates. But probably a fair amount of you do. So here's even more of an outlet for auto self-expression: the license plate holder.

I thought of this while driving behind a truck the other day which boasted a holder reading: "I go where I'm Toad." Naturally, The Toad loved this. So what could you design for your funky friends? With way more space and less cost than a vanity plate, there are endless options to amuse both your friend and every lucky driver idling behind them. And it can definitely plunge into the world of the weird. One of my friends spotted a holder that said: "Mork and Mindy ain't got shit on me." We have no idea what this means, but to the driver, it's an essential message.

Design a fabulous personal license plate holder at It'll make your giftee the talk of the traffic town, for sure.

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