Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting Lit for a Wedding

It might be true that this time of year is not as popular for nuptials as, say, June. But, January has its appeal for many brides and grooms. They might be forced to have an indoor event, but sometimes with constraints comes a certain creativity. Or not.

While you have no control over the choice of wedding date, venue or decor, you do get to decide on a gift. And why shouldn't it be a good one? Many couples these days are opting for less typical registries, some are going without one altogether (blasphemy, and only works if you have very very cool guests with great taste), and some even have you help fund the honeymoon (I always envision the hitched couple canceling the trip and sneaking out of town with a bundle of cash).

So, as I was saying: a cool wedding present. Like this "Leave the Light On" oil lamp. This is not your grandma's smelly old oil lamp sitting on a doily. This elegant, understated object looks like a box with a burnt match on its top; the match holds the hidden wick and looks lit all night long. It's super cool, very chic and very different. I've only seen it at one place: Table Art on Melrose (I've written about them before, and in the spirit of full disclosure, the owners sent me a small holiday gift. But have no fear, I cannot be bought. I'd write about Table Art no matter what).

At just under two hundred dollars, this light is right in line with the wedding gift limit (not to mention The Toad's). Find it at And help the happy couple get lit.

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