Saturday, January 2, 2010

Garden Party

Well, no, not exactly. Yes, the tree has come down, the fake boughs shelved, the wreath unceremoniously discarded, and the house curiously bare. The holidays are over (as are most of the parties), and even if you live in a sunny clime, it's a curiously drab time of year.

The garden party, in other words, is a lifetime away. So, send a friend some green cheer with this small "garden." It comes complete with urns, paths and grass (ok, the grass needs to grow, but that won't take long, little grasshopper). It rests on a coffee or dining room table as a respite from the grim realities of 2010, something to gaze into and dream about whilst sipping hot tea on a cold night. It's NOT holiday cheer, it's springtime cheer, months early. And nothing's wrong with that.

Word of warning: keep rambunctious children and curious kittens away from this charming installation, unless you like vacuuming gravel off the rug. At

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