Friday, January 8, 2010

Not Just For Kids

There are some toys that are solely for kids, and some that really do perform double duty. This is one of those toys.

Ordinarily, I would write about this item on my kid gift blog, Find A Tadpole. But this toy has such nostalgic value for a certain parental generation that I felt it would get better readership here. So, look closely: can you tell what this remote control car is? It's the ultimate remote control car, the fancy schmancy cheesemobile from the series Knight Rider. This voice activated car stole the show from star David Hasselhoff (admittedly not difficult, but this is a car we're discussing). The beauty of giving this toy to a child is that, while the kid's just happy to maintain complete control over a rolling object, the adults are having a lovely flashback to the '80s. Just don't get depressed because you're showing your age.

Find this sweet ride at And let the nostalgia trip begin. David Hasselhoff action figure sold separately, probably on ebay.

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