Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Public Transit in FantasyLand

Living in Los Angeles, I rarely, if ever, use public transportation. But I find it an absolute wonder in cities like D.C., New York, and Boston, where the subways and buses work efficiently and are actually used by a huge percentage of the population.

Still, those magnificent subway systems can't go everywhere. So here's where these posters of Highly Unlikely Subway Maps come into play. Each of these very realistic and convincing subway maps is a fictional graphic wish, offering routes that are both desirable and impossible. Just take a look at the Martha's Vineyard version, scooting happy Vineyard visitors and residents up one side, down the other... and then seemingly off the island, into the Atlantic, and headed either for the Massachusetts coast or Europe. Ha. Former and present New Yorkers will recognize many subway routes they wish existed, all available for purchase. Any of these twenty dollar posters makes a fabulous gift for an East Coast transplant.

Check out the entire collection at www.transitauthorityfigures.com. And then revel in the public transit of the imagination.

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