Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Wallflowers

Occasionally, The Toad comes across something totally fabulous which, while perhaps not making the perfect gift for just anyone, is just too stunning to not merit a mention on this illustrious blog.

This Branch wallpaper is one of those items. As a rule, Toad is not an enormous fan of wallpaper (perhaps because of the flocked, fuzzy variety in her grandparent's bathroom, which always seemed to attract lint and other undesirables). Wallpaper has just too much potential to be, well, a bit fusty. But this one is an exception. I see it on a single wall, in a small room (a bathroom, maybe? Or perhaps a foyer? Even the interior of a closet?). It's stark and elegant and really packs a decorating punch, meaning that after forking out $115 for a roll and the extra added cost of installation, you'll really be done with that room for a good, long time. And that's the kind of interior decorating The Toad advocates!

So is this a gift? I don't know. Maybe you know the perfect person who'd love a roll of fancy paper. Or maybe that person is yourself. Check it out at

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