Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Bullseye

Valentine's Day is such a groaner. There's all this pressure on couples, all this humiliation for singles. Really, no one ends up delighted. Plus, it's possibly the worst night all year to try to eat out.

So what's a man to do? Since many men go the often boneheaded (not to mention self-serving) route of buying lingerie for their sweeties, I thought I'd at least give a fun, funky, and quality option. This Suki brief, for instance. It's available in red as well as black. It provides fuller coverage for fuller girls (who don't want ALL their business hanging out). And it's by those lingerie geniuses, Agent Provocateur. This means it's a pricey pair of panties, NOT something to throw in the machine on full power. The wrapping job alone from Agent is almost worth the cost: beautiful pink boxes with sweet smelling tissues, wrapping in slinky black ribbon. A totally demure covering for the not-so-demure covering nestled inside.

And if you get in an argument, at least the Suki brief highlights a clear kicking target. Just kidding. Check out Suki and the other panty options at

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