Monday, April 18, 2011

Oily Spring Gift

A common "foodie" gift these days is the bottle of ultra expensive olive oil. The problem with that is that olive oil turns rancid when exposed to light fairly quickly, meaning that you might be presenting your giftee with a glass bottle of rotten fat. How thoughtful.

This bottle of olive oil boasts an elegant solution to the rancidity issue. Its bottle is a traditional Puglian jar, ceramic and stubbornly opaque, painted in a rainbow pattern that would look lovely in any kitchen (but particularly in a clean, white, modernist one. I'm sure you know a lucky someone who has a kitchen like that. The Toad covets such a kitchen). The added plus to this gift is that this olive oil is fabulous, classically cold pressed liquid gold, squeezed from fancy Coratina olives. In other words, this is a lovely oil in a lovely vessel that isn't all rancid and nasty. What a great gift! And in spring colors, too!

Find this oil in the jar of many colors at Dean & DeLuca.

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