Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Lure of the Slipper

I just got back from Hawaii, so obviously the islands are on my mind. There is no other place I can think of that combines a comfortable climate with a comfortable style better than Hawaii. And, one of the secrets to that unbeatable combination are slippers.

Yes, Hawaiians call them slippers, even though us clueless west coast wonders and beyond refer to them as flip flops, or the dreaded thong. Hawaiians take their slippers seriously, wearing them for virtually any and every occasion. Sometimes they're fancy, sometimes a cheapo rubber model (NOT Havianas, by the way, which I truly believe are for poseurs). Slippers get super short shrift from fashionistas from coast to coast, who want us in more glamourous, and often unwearable, footwear that costs $1500 instead of $15. Cause, let's face it: there's not a huge profit margin in slippers, but there is in a pair of teetering Louboutins (see my opinion of him on Divine Caroline).

While I realize that I cannot wear slippers everywhere, as I just did for the previous twelve days, I can remind myself of their comfort and island allure by purchasing this tiny golden slipper charm. Princessy? Maybe, if you take yourself too seriously. I think there's something chic and ironic and sweet about wearing a Hawaiian reminder around your neck, especially during the winter months when toes are covered and cold.

The Hawaiian company Nu Hoku makes the best slipper charms I've seen, and the tiniest (and most tasteful; you don't want to look like you're wearing Big Foot's golden slipper around your neck) model is $199. Order one for the island girl in your life and remind her of gentle trade winds and golden sands.


Anonymous said...

Havianas are for poseurs? Pour quoi?

The Toad said...

They are Brazilian, but Haviana means Hawaiian. They have nothing to do with Hawaii. Plus, they give me blisters.

Christina Simon said...

Oh no! Havianas are my favorite flip flops, You have to admit, better than Birkenstocks!?!

The Toad said...

Ladies, it's just my opinion. Personally, I like Reefs. They're more substantial. And yes, Christina, anything is better than Birkenstocks. Especially on my great big feet.