Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Built a Better Earbud

I'm going to admit that perhaps this is my own problem: Apple earbuds don't fit in my ears. They chafe and fall out. They drive me crazy. And, this ear problem has impeded my ability to speak without holding a possibly cancer causing iPhone up to my head the majority of the day.

Still, I figure if I have this ear problem, other people must have it too. That's why I'm featuring these super stylish, definitely better built earbuds from Urbanista. Called the "London," these buds will actually stay inside the ear without wounds. They come with a little speaker, and work with virtually any phone or device (but especially iPhones). Plus, they're so cute. Besides this color, called "Red Snapper," they come in bright green or black for particularly colorful conversations.

At $69, they're pricey compared to the free ones delivered with the iPhone. But that seems like a small price to pay for comfort, convenience, and a whole lot less radiation next to your giftee's noggin. At Urbanista.

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Missy Boyter said...

Thanks for the great tip! I can't wear those Apple earbuds either. They always fall right out if I don't force them way down into my ears. I'm going to give these a try.