Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring into Seasonal Sleep

It'll look like a spring flower painted by Klimpt on your bed!
There's nothing more depressing than a boring bedroom. I mean, fine, maybe nothing all that exciting is going on in there for you, but that's no excuse to have a drab sleeping space. Because, after all, sleep is nice. No, it's more than nice: it's awesome (if you've had children, you already understand how wonderful a real night's sleep is).

So, make your sleeping space the most lovely and comfortable space possible. This means no TV (messes with relaxation), cutting back on the electronic devices (too disruptive), and having a supremely comfortable bed. Plus, the Toad suggests a changing of the coverlet to go with the seasons. Take, for instance, this beautiful Indian Kantha quilt. It's made of old Indian saris, sewn together to create a sea of loveliness for your slumber. The one pictured just happens to be a cheery, springlike gold and green, but Kantha quilts come in many shades of the rainbow. Just pick one and settle in for a restorative evening.

These Kantha quilts are at Rising Tide Fair Trade. At $285, they're not inexpensive, but one will last and dress your bed for years to come. Besides, you can always find decent sheets on sale.


Christina Simon said...

This is so pretty and has a Zen quality....I could definitely use this.

sbo said...