Monday, June 24, 2013

Roomba: A Useful New Presence Makes a Generous Present

I've been waiting quite a while to write something about the Roomba, because although I liked the general concept of a robot vacuum cleaner, I didn't have one and I don't trust other people's reviews of potential novelty items. However, Mr. Crab purchased me one for my birthday (and the appliance was much appreciated, although I wouldn't recommend the Roomba to any of my male readers out there as a romantic or even recommended gift, unless the Roomba is carting around jewels or something), and thus I'm able to write an informed review.

I know: he doesn't look like Mr. Personality, but the Roomba's got moves.
First off, we named our Roomba Gordo. He appeared to have some sort of winsome personality right out the box, and once he started moving around our home, haplessly banging into things, I felt the need to address him by some sort of moniker. He was working so hard! Seriously, Gordo spent a great deal of time trying to navigate our "open concept" living area, and he did improve over time. Sure, he got pathetically stuck at one point, crying out for help in an incongruous calm female voice, but that was quickly remedied and he got right back to work. The best part? Once he was done, he made his way back to his docking station and backed himself into his home for a refreshing recharge. Watching a small appliance, indeed watching anything at all, learn from mistakes, work industriously and then go do exactly what it was designed to do, as promised, on the box, was worth the cost.

But what about the floor? The floor was clean! Gone were the faded dried up jacaranda blossoms, toast crumbs, and rug's worth of cat hair. Gordo can be preprogrammed for regular cleanings, or you can just press his go button and run him whenever. While our cat isn't riding him yet, he's no longer running from the room while Gordo is on his rounds. If you know someone with a more open floor plan with hard surface floors, this device makes one incredible gift. Especially since vacuuming all the time by hand sucks, and the dog only picks up the food and leaves the rest of the filth. Gordo is a timesaver for sure.

You can find the Roomba at the iRobot site, although we found ours at CostCo for either the same or a lower price. Buy one for busy people and instantly improve their standard of cleanliness.

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