Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring into Spring with A Wacamole Planter

That's one funny planter.
I'm not sure we really had a winter here in Los Angeles, but now spring is definitely here. I've already started planting my food stuffs, like a Thai chili pepper plant, dill, and chives (I plan on making a lot of smelly food).

Yep, it's planting season here, and I'm sure the rest of the country wants spring to have sprung as well. To just add to the fertile cheer, treat your favorite green thumb to a planter from the Spanish company, Wacamole. I mean, come on: how cute is it? Those little dangly legs, the fun and funky plant options on top, make these planters simply too much fun. Some rest, like this one, on a ledge or counter, some hang, some are splayed in a front split, and some have festive paint jobs. All are hand crafted and unique.

Naturally, these are not at bargain basement prices. Wacamole planters start at around $50 a pop. But just think of the springtime giggles they'll evoke, At Wacamole.

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