Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bitter, Party of One

While this time of year is nice for those in love or serious like, the spurned, angry and broken hearted are left out in the cold.  Should you ignore their plight?  Or approach it with some dark, nasty humor to warm their cold souls?

I always opt for the laughs.  And, on this Valentine's Day, a little violence in the name of healing and closure should be permitted.  Take this toothpick holder, for instance.  It's fully functional, indeed a perfect place to display toothpicks for picky purposes.  But it's also the voodoo doll of kitchen accessories.  She'll practically hear Bob or Brandon or Zed scream each time a pick pierces his clay frame.  It will satisfy.

Find the little masochist at  And include a box of toothpicks for instant gratification.

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