Friday, February 13, 2009

Romance with the Trader

Ah, the romantic, home cooked meal.  It's a major indicator of serious relationship potential. Especially around this most romantic of holidays.  Unfortunately, it fills some with terror and foreboding; they can't cook.

So get help from the Trader!  Trader Joe's, that is, the amazing food superstore chock full of already prepared goodies.  The Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's cookbook helps you make mincemeat of meal minutiae. With the good Trader's assistance, you can pump out appetizers, main courses and desserts at warp speed.  It'll all taste good, and your dinner guest will never be the wiser.

You can probably find Cooking with Trader Joe's at your local bookstore, or on  A caveat: avoid the veggie gyoza.  The later results are less than romantic by any standards.

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