Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She Can Eat Her Hat

First, if you've purchased your love a hat for Valentine's day, hang your head in sorry shame. Hats are for Easter, silly!  Plus, there are too many variables in size, shape and style to ever fully satisfy a giftee.

But a hatbox?  A totally different story. Especially when said hatbox is brimming with candy from Boule.  Normally, I'm against candy for this Hallmark holiday, but this stuff is an exception.  Imagine lots and lots of sugar and chocolate, enough to keep her happily occupied for hours, nibbling and sampling before dissolving into a woozy yet compliant heap at your feet.  Now that's a Valentine's Day gift.

And the hatbox?  Look, she probably already has a hat she never wears, and needs someplace to store it.  I've also heard hatboxes make great lingerie storage, too (hint).  Order the whole thing at www.boulela.com.  Maybe she'll even save some for you.

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