Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Soaked

So, just because you need to save some money doesn't mean you can't find an achy, crabby friend a great gift for less.

Take these Masada bath salts. Collected from the Dead Sea and often infused with relaxing oils and scents, these bath salts can be pricey.  Really, like fifteen bucks for three heavenly soaks. But here's the ultimate bath bargain: one 64 ounce bottle (that's jumbo) of Masada salts in various permutations for just $19.99.  That's hard to beat for night after night of relaxation.  And it guarantees your workout fiend friend some welcome relief from muscle stress and strain.

This incredible bargain can be found at And by all means, buy two, keep one for yourself, and take advantage of their free Super Saver shipping. It's one soaking that won't leave you all wet.

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