Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bag of Hopping Passover Fun

It's an unfair fact of life that the biggest Christian holidays fall at the same time as the biggest Jewish ones, and Christmas and Easter get all the press. What's a Jew to do to make Passover more fun for the kiddos?

Here's a thought: go for the gross factor. Kids don't often respond to food (even lots of it), or chanting ritual during which they must remain quiet and still. But, they do enjoy a good gross out moment or two. With this Passover plague pack of hoppin' mad frogs, you can bring to life the second plague, the aforementioned frogs, in vivid detail. Hand them out and let the amphibians fall en masse from the heavens. 

At just $3.99, each bag of frogs is a wrathful treat for children at the Seder table. And, it'll keep them happy until the gefilte fish hits the plates. Order them at www.pickmanmuseumshop.com.

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