Thursday, March 5, 2009

Widespread Appeal

Cooking enthusiasts wax rhapsodic over well-designed kitchen implements. And, once found, they're the perfect gift for said enthusiasts: inexpensive (usually), useful, and much appreciated for streamlining culinary tasks.

Never has a task needed streamlining more than peeling fruit and veggies. Just the recipe phrase, "Two pounds of potatoes, peeled," can turn a happy cook's mood to dread. This peeler, however, (from fancy designer Karim Rashid, no less), turns peeling into just another cooking step. The peeler has a bit of a wide-load build, for superior gripping. Its ceramic blades leave no funny tastes or smells behind (and stay sharp). And its pretty neon color just looks plain great in the kitchen.

What's not appealing about this peeler? Order it for your foodie friends, pronto, at

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