Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It Fixes Almost Anything

Oh, what could this multipurpose wonder product be? Chocolate? A new pair of shoes? An electric screwdriver? Nope. Try duct tape.

Also known as duck tape (don't ask me why; perhaps it keeps unruly ducks quiet on road trips), this household staple seals, attaches and grips better than anything. The only thing it usually isn't is pretty. Basic silver gray is ok for utilitarian use, but sometimes duct tape has a more visible role and needs panache. Enter this new duct tape, dashed with pattern and color to match or pleasingly clash with decor everywhere. It still does the job, but now it does it with style.

It's also the perfect gift for anyone who's just moved into a new abode (duct tape, upon move-in, is an absolute necessity). Order rolls of this sticky fabulousness at

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