Friday, March 27, 2009

Foot Fetish Fun

Don't get all shocked. It's true that the headline looks naughty, but this gift item really isn't. But, it is particularly perfect for someone with a, shall we say, deep and abiding affection for feet.

These little feet probably belonged to some tiny dancer once upon a time, but are now available for sale. They're lovely feet, beautifully proportioned, and can be placed in all sorts of poses. This isn't a practical gift, but an aesthetically lovely one for the foot lover in your life. They can strike a pose on a nightstand, look pigeon-toed and uncertain on a mantel, or stand strong on a bookshelf. And they're basic black, which we all know goes with absolutely everything.

The tiny tootsies are online at Order them up for someone who will hold them close.

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