Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Coat for the Throat

It's definitely going around. Aches, pains, sinus pressure, and especially sore throats are all the rage in this year's plague rounds. Odds are, you know someone who's ill. Treat them right with an old-fashioned sore throat "cure" that just makes everyone feel better, generally.

That's good old-fashioned tea with honey. Really, any tea will do, as long as it's hot and soothing (not that I'm recommending Lipton's, but it would work just as well as the fancy stuff). But honey's a problem, sticking and oozing and leaving gummy marks on countertops. So give them these handy, organic honey drops. They look like amber sugar cubes, but they're a lovely controlled dose of bee juice, ready to infuse that tea with some throat coating goodness. What's not to love?

Did I mention the price? Twelve bucks! Add some tea and you're in business, not to mention aiding an ailing buddy. Order Honey Drops at

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