Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pretty Glinty Sticky Things

For the organized person in your life, the magnet board is probably no small thing. Bet it's a big one, actually, covered with magnets holding notes, bills, reminders, and even the occasional photo. So why not give the magnet board the reverence and weight it deserves?

These shiny jewel magnets are just the ticket. They do, of course, what all magnets do. They'll hold stuff stuck to a magnetic surface, be it a board or fridge, quite effectively. But they do it with shiny, glimmery style. It's as if a pirate's trove was unleashed upon that utilitarian surface, lending importance and fun to the everyday. 

You could also, if you're feeling generous, combine the magnets with a magnet board. But such largesse is up to your discretion. Mine these jewels at www.momastore.com.

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