Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Viewmaster On Steroids

Everyone remembers the Viewmaster, that click and turn window on the world, with slide discs featuring everything from historic architecture to natural wonders. Sure, it's a great gadget for kids, but this Viewmaster is for adults.

Meet the Vladmaster. Each individual set of discs is photographed and designed by mysterious artist Vladimir. Often based on great works of literature (like the parables written by Franz Kafka, for instance), four discs deliver a whole story. Some sets are accompanied by a CD with narration or found sounds (complete with a friendly beep for timely image ticking). Even the labeling and box are designed by the artist. The Vladmaster sets are a far, far cry from The Sights of Hollywood. They're affordable art in a Viewmaster package.

Order a Vladmaster set (or two, they're pretty cheap) for your arty friend. They're available at And the site sells the Viewmaster viewer itself, too.

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