Monday, March 30, 2009

Hurrying to Health, Chop Chop

Wow, it's spring. Which means for my part of the country, flowers blooming and birds chirping into the night. In your part, perhaps a late snowstorm and lots and lots of mud. One thing is for certain, though: summer is coming, with all the horrors shorts and bathing suits involve.

So show some support for your pudgy friends. One of the secrets to looking good by June is eating a ton of veggies. So boring. But this OXO salad chopper set gives the greens a bit more interest. Just throw all the veggies of choice into the special blade proof bowl, and commence chopping with the two bladed, wheeled chopper (it looks like a pizza cutter on steroids). In a chop chop, there's a neatly chopped salad to devour. Easy and fun (although for calories sake, lay off the gooey dressings).

Find this fabulous chopper set at It's a fast way to cutting a fine figure.

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