Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bad Hat

No, this isn't about the badly behaved boy on the playground. It's about bad French fashion.

Just look at this hat. Look at it. Have you ever seen such an amazing example of an attractive person looking like a total twit? This, my friends, is what's being sold as some cutting edge French headwear statement. You're looking at the yellow model here, but they're available in a veritable rainbow of awfulness. Pick your favorite shade, and then get out there and do your best conehead imitation. I can't think of any weather condition to justify this sort of headgear, unless it's a total whiteout so no one has to see it.

But hey, it's French. Someone, somewhere, will think it's fabulous. You, on the other hand, will eye it and sigh with the satisfaction that you didn't pay over two hundred bucks to look like a tool. At

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