Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dress Up

It's true that it's not even close to spring yet, but I can dream. And when I think spring, I think of little girls (I have one) in pretty dresses (even though my little girl refuses such things and only wears leggings, hoodies and Ugg boots).

The trick to finding pretty dresses for girls is locating some which are girly but not frilly and ridiculous. Some dresses are way too grown up (what little girl needs a DVF style wrap dress at age six). Some dresses make them look like brides (gross). And some dresses simply make them look like twits (deep psychic scarring and years of therapy await). Luckily, the site Chasing Fireflies has an array of lovely frocks. Sure, there's some ruffled twit uniforms in there, but many of these dresses are flowery without looking like an FTD bouquet. Plus, I've purchased dresses from Fireflies in the past, and they wear well.

Order a pretty dress for some favorite girl in your life and make her day. They are not cheap, but I think they're worth it. An assortment can be found at Chasing Fireflies.

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Anonymous said...

Chasing Fireflies is great! If you like them, you might also like Garnet Hill - they tend towards the more everday wear and have amazing quality!