Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lure of Forbidden Food

Yes, I know the holidays are over and you might not want to think about food right now. But there's food you have to eat (like holiday food), and food you want to eat (like scrumptious stuff). Read on, because this food offering to the indefatigable foodie would make one hell of a Valentine's Day present.

It's no secret that I love Zingerman's. I just think they offer some of the best, more interesting food around. And its new Forbidden Foods Club is just another fabulous addition. Basically thumbing its nose at every food allergy and fussy preference, this monthly food delivery club sends the lucky recipient up to six months worth of truly sinful foods. Check it out:

Month One: Kosher Kastastrof, featuring bacon, sausage, and scones
Month Two: Anaphylactic Armageddon, with three different peanut offerings
Month Three: High Fat Holiday, featuring brownies, chocolate, and cream cheese.

You get the picture. It's $99 for three months of deliciousness. Send it to someone you really love, and are planning to visit soon (you know they'll need help efficiently devouring all this stuff). At Zingerman's. It may not be in good taste, but it'll definitely taste good.

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