Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Helpful or Hostile Gift: Your Choice

Gentlemen, there is no need to read further, as this "gift" idea does not concern you. This is a lady problem. A problem involving a most delicate area. We're talking camel toe here, wenches.

Don't act like you don't know what the dreaded camel toe is. You do. You see it on your friends, and you'd like to mention it, but somehow it seems beyond the pale. Humiliating, exposing, and somehow just plain filthier than being all out naked, camel toe is one of the more horrible things to accompany going commando. Apparently, some marketing genius thought the same, and invented Cuchini, the stick on disposable smoother that is strategically placed and stuck over the lady parts in question. Problem solved!

The beauty of this gift, of course, is that you can send a packet to a friend as a big favor, or send one anonymously (through the site) to an enemy for the ultimate in paranoia inducing gifting. Plus, you get to go to the Cuchini site and see the celebrity pics of camel toe sufferers, which will give you roughly thirty seconds of hilarity. Enjoy, ladies! See Cuchini here.


The Twin Coach said...

OMG. I have seen it all now. This is HILARIOUS! But I have to suggest to you and your readers another product I saw once that is equally as ridiculous (yet real): http://www.sofreshsodry.com/

I once had to explain to my mother what camel toe was. I think I might send her one of these as a joke. LOL.

Christina Simon said...

This belongs on Kim from "Real Housewives Atlanta". Have you SEEN her?