Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Give Her New Lips

No, I'm not suddenly shilling for some plastic surgeon. One of the advantages of living near Beverly Hills is actually seeing those Goldfish Women in person. New lips gained through injectables is not desirable. You'll just have to trust me on this.

But what woman wouldn't want softer, smoother, slightly pinker lips? As I've repeatedly stated, this is not a beauty blog. However, if I test drive something for my own personal use and it's truly excellent, I'll post it. This Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment is one of those special somethings. I am a lip gloss, not a lip stick, kind of person. I also like the idea of SPF in my lip treatments, but usually hate the reality: bad smells, worse tastes. This little wonder vial, though, defies it all. The light rose like smell isn't annoying at all, and quickly fades. It doesn't taste like much. It goes on smoothly with no glopage, more like a Chapstick gone premium than any gloss I've tried. Plus, there's just such a bare amount of color, which is perfect for simply enhancing what you already have going on.

This is a lovely thing to give a girlfriend, mostly because she might not think to buy it for herself. It's around $22 at Sephora. It's not totally new lips, but it's close.

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