Monday, January 31, 2011

Gourmet Sweets for Your Sweetie

Interestingly enough, everyone I know (including me) pretty much thinks Valentine's Day is a big joke, but everyone still participates in it at some level. It's a herd mentality, my friends, the idea that you might lose your love if you don't at least make a half-assed effort.

And how hard is it, really, to scribble a card and buy some chocolate? With this new fangled Internet thing, not hard at all! You can go crazy with the chocolate, especially if your love truly appreciates the good stuff. Take, for instance, this Cuaco dark chocolate bar with panko breadcrumbs and sea salt. Sounds weird? It's fantastic! Dark, almost savory rich chocolate with a gritty crunch and yummy salty aftertaste, almost like a reverse chocolate tempura. It's totally addictive. This brand has a ton of wonderful flavors; my other favorite is the Firecracker, stuffed with pop rocks sizzling candy. It literally explodes in your mouth, which could make for some fun adventures on V-Day.

Invest in a three pack of candy bars for your special person. It's a sensual chocolate adventure, and you can find it at Cuaco.

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Anonymous said...

NOW YOU ARE TALKING - Firecracker Candy..New level for me. Tell your Mom.....