Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Seasonal Statement

It's really winter, finally, the Toad's least favorite time of year. It's colder and darker (even in LA), and there appears to be very little to look forward to except more of the same for a couple of months. Bleh.

That's why this Domo character appeals to me. He's so grouchy and growly and fed up. He looks like someone woke him up from an excellent nap to the sound of an off key accordion band. Yet, he's soft and squishy (not unlike how some of us feel following the holiday gluttony), so he's easy to cuddle. And he's pink! I'm assuming he's pink because of the upcoming Valentine's Day, but I just love the juxtaposition between the dainty and the irate. You could purchase him and hold onto him until February 14, but why not just give him to someone you love now, when they really need him?

Domo goes for just $14 at Fred Flare. He'll help share your seasonal pain.

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