Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School Reporting

Yes, it's sad. Summer is almost over, and school, that harbinger of doom, is upon us. But it's not just kids who face this dilemma. What about your adult friends planning to dive back into the academic scene for career improvement?

What better to send them off with to the lecture hall in style than a Moleskine reporter's notebook. Moleskine is a far cry from legal pads and crummy memo notebooks. These carefully bound, protected books are shaped just like a reporter's notebook, for very quick and efficient note taking. They're black and elegant (like all serious students) and come with a band to keep them shut (no flurry of notes lost on the quad). And, they just make a nervous reentry student feel just a bit more serious and ready to start the book learnin'.

Order them a three-pack (at for all their rigorous studies. They'll thank you. Tutoring, however, is extra.

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