Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoulder Strain No More

Have you noticed the bags these girls have been hauling around lately? They're like hardware loaded feedsacks full of lead. It's as if every hot girl in L.A. is training for a Survivor episode (given that this is L.A, that possibility cannot be dismissed). Well, I say forget the huge bag. Rebel, and go small.

Take, for instance, this most excellent small Rachel Nasvik Eleanor bag. It's big enough to fit phone, keys, wallet and glasses. What it can't squeeze in is all the stuff no one really needs to carry around all day, like extra bottles or a full makeup set or a Manny Bobblehead. All of us should just leave those things at home, or let them reside in our second abode, the car. Anyway, the Eleanor bag is slightly evocative of a Chanel purse, but with less fuss. And it's so small that the chain handle won't dig into delicate shoulders.

This gift will release the recipient from many chiropractic encounters, as they gambol, lightweight and unfettered through the mall. Find it, on sale no less, at www.revolveclothing.com.

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