Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labor Day Whack Job

Yes, it's time once again for those Labor Day cookouts. But it's so hot. And so unpleasant. What would make that party worlds better?

Try this sprinkler version of that old arcade fav, Whack a Mole. Remember whacking those moles into submission using your mallet whilst your buddies cheered you on? This is almost exactly the same, except that the feisty "moles" in this case squirt water right at your face. It's a great (and relatively self-contained) way for kids and adults alike to stay cool and amused. It's probably even more fun after a few cocktails, but I'm not advocating drinking and whacking; that's your decision.

The wet and wild Whack a Mole is available through www.toysplash.com.

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