Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, About Thyme

Summer is officially over, and with it the seemingly endless bounty of herbs at the local farmer's market. Sure, there may be a month or two left for the basil and mint to flourish, but soon, even in California, we'll be forced to buy ancient produce from the supermarket.

Home cooks in places like NYC have it even worse. Plus, they have no garden option open to them. Or do they? Check out this herb trio pot, beautifully designed to weather the indoors. It has just enough room to plant three herbal essentials, which then can see the happy cook through trying fall and winter cooking moments. And get this: it's self-watering! Just funnel water into its handy little opening (illustrated at right) and the plants stay moist and happy for long periods of time. Brilliant.

Find this mini garden of eating at It'll make some home cook in a studio walk-up very happy indeed.

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