Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking Like Cargo in Your Pants

Remember a couple of months ago when I posted a picture of some truly heinous drop crotch jeans? Well, this is pants rant part deux.

Normally, I think of cargo pants as a pretty flattering design. They're roomy and floppy, yet sit low on the waist and give an air of total fashion insouciance. Especially if paired with a tiny tank top. But these JBrand cargos are like the polar opposite of real cargos. Stretchy, skintight, unforgiving, they'll make you look literally like a load of cargo. Ignore the pictured anorexic model and just think about the actual design: a pair of "jeggings" with added bulk in the butt (pockets) and on the hips (pockets yet again), plus heavy duty zippers for zero relief from that insatiable grip on your limbs. These pants will make any woman with a marginally normal sized body look like a grenade.

You can find them for a super low priced $240 at Shopbop. But why would you want to find them? Soon, every big butt in town will be sporting them, to very ill effect.

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