Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miniature Landscapes for Mom

The rush is officially on! Mother's Day is on Sunday, and right now there's a whole lot of people out there, cluelessly asking themselves, "When is Mother's Day again?" Woe to them. Hell hath no fury like a Mommy scorned.

Since we're down to the wire, it's time to pull out the local stops. Like these super cool, totally original little (and some not so little) plantings from notable Atwater Village store Potted. This is no ordinary plant store, and these are not ordinary plants. Every one of these miniature landscapes features a found object as the container (recently, I spotted one made from an old tennis ball canister), and has strategically planted succulents and cacti, as well as random bits of whimsy (crystals, unusual rocks, small plastic toys). Each one is like a little piece of living funky art. And the brilliant thing is, these require very little work. Thus, even a mother with the blackest of thumbs can probably manage one of these plantings (they pretty much will thrive on benign neglect).

These are only locally available, so those out of area readers are out of luck. But for lucky Angeleno moms, one of these tableaus is a wonderful gift. Check it out at If you give them a call, they might build one just for your madre.

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