Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gallons of 3 Ounce Toiletries

Travel is such a wonderful thing. Air travel, on the other hand, pretty much sucks these days. Between the scheduling problems and the nickel and diming over luggage check-in, flying is just one big pain.

The biggest pain, though, is the carry-on toiletry conundrum. In an attempt to circumvent the extra costs (and possible temporary loss) of checked luggage, carry-on is now au courant. Learning to pack compactly is an excellent skill. Trying to shrink your favorite products into a 3 ounce form isn't really a part of the skill set. You know the drill: here you are, at the drugstore, searching for acceptable travel sized brands to stick in that skimpy zip-lock bag. Alternatively, you've purchased appropriate sized plastic bottles, and have dripped product all over your bathroom in an attempt to funnel goop into them. Well, leave it to the revolutionary internet to take care of this problem. Just go to for a pretty staggering selection of premium beauty products. With names like Phyto, Hauschka, DDF, and an assortment of organic brands, this site surely carries something that meets your exacting standards. For instance, the Phyto hair kit pictured above, featuring everything you'll need for shiny, frizz free hair on that trip into the humid east coast summer.

Click here for and look around. If you stock up now, you'll have enough for yourself, plus inexpensive bon voyage presents. Because a prepared traveler is a happy traveler.

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