Monday, July 26, 2010

A Graphically Good Guide to Coffee

There's just no such thing as a normal cup of joe anymore. You know this, as the ordering options and the ensuing absurdity has been lampooned virtually everywhere. It's hard enough knowing the basic drinks, but when they're combined with a coffee house's infinite variations, coffee ordering becomes just one more opportunity to make a total dork out of yourself.

But what about making the stuff at home? Plaid, a blog and site devoted to branding ideas, created this poster for helping the at home barista. It ranges from the simple to the arcane (the Yuayang, anyone?). And its simple graphics, all organized around a symbol that looks like variations on a target, will mesh with any decor. Post this poster in a kitchen and the coffee lover in your life will always have the key to great coffee.

Pricing appears to be upon request. Check it out at Plaid. It's an elegantly graphic route to complex coffee.

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