Monday, June 11, 2012

A Casa for Your Kleenex

Your nose should feel extra special using a tissue from this modernist manse.
Now that I'm done painting (pictures coming soon), I'm busy sort of tarting up the joint. One wonderful thing about moving is tossing a bunch of outdated stuff you accumulated and never liked much, and replacing it with stuff you've handpicked. I'm not talking wasteful accumulation, but lasting replacement, so please, don't get all green on me.

And speaking of green (this is The Toad, after all), check out this full on green house for your tissue supply. Called the Casa, this streamlined neon residence covers up a square box of tissues in your bathroom or bedroom, and the lovely white tissue streams out the chimney like the purest of smoke. That's one stylish way to dress up potential snot rags, especially when you consider what the usual boxes look like (I once stood in that Kleenex aisle, staring at the "designer prints," and wishing like hell for a basic black or white box. Now that would really be "designer"). Plus, since it's allergy season, we have boxes all over the house. They could all use a makeover. Now, if there was only a device to instantly transport the used tissues to the trash.

This Casa makes one awesome house warming gift. Want to know what else is awesome about it? How about the price tag: just ten bucks! Buy 'em in bulk and hand them out like party favors. At Fred Flare.

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