Friday, June 1, 2012

Is Little Ruby a Free Range Chicken?

Here's Little Ruby, shaking her hand felted tail feathers right at you!
Sometimes I'm just farting around online and come across something that's not exactly right for Find A Toad, but entirely too weird not to mention. I think Little Ruby here qualifies.

Little Ruby is a footstool in the shape of a stuffed chicken. Now, I suppose you could use any sort of stuffed chicken you could find as a foot stool, but this is the first created just for resting your feet (and good luck with that multi purpose stuffed chicken search, by the way). Little Ruby is hand crafted in Lyons, Kansas (she has an actual farm girl pedigree) from fallen logs, hand felted alpaca, and possibly hand mined bronze (for her feet and beak). While your first instinct would be to place Little Ruby in a country home, please resist this temptation, as she would look so much creepier and quirkier in a modernist environment, plunked down in front of a Womb Chair. And you know, Little Ruby longs to be quirky, because she's one funky, handcrafted kind of chicken.

Did I mention that Little Ruby has a big price tag of $700? That's why she's not exactly right for the Find A Toad $200 price limit. Talk about putting pearls before swine, this is cash before chickens. Or something like that. Find Little Ruby and the rest of her flock at The City Girl Farm.


Elizabeth said...

Have you ever read The Bloggess' posts about the rooster/chicken that she bought her husband? Some of the funniest writing and storytelling I've ever read.

The Toad said...

The Bloggess' posts regarding Beyonce the metal chicken are posts at their absolute best. I bow to The Bloggess. Pick up her book if you haven't already; you'll laugh for 48 hours straight.