Thursday, May 31, 2012

Remove Minty Fresh Feeling From My Kitchen

Green space is nice, but not in your kitchen. Unless you're the Easter Bunny.
Here we are with another update from the reno on the Toad Abode. This time, it's the new home's kitchen, a decent space with a bad dye job.

Seriously, nothing makes food, people's complexions, and just about anything else look worse than green paint. Especially this thick, viscous, minty green shade chosen by the color blind former owner. The color robs one of joy on a deeply institutional level; my painter calls this shade and flesh pink the painting "no no's" because they were consistently used in hospitals (why??? Didn't patients feel lousy enough already?). A fix of neutral paint is a must, and fast.

Although we have plans to change up this kitchen, we realized that we needed to live with it as is (although sans feeling green), before we could possibly understand what we really require in terms of storage and cabinetry. There's nothing, as far as I can tell, really wrong with the kitchen layout: the work triangle is good, there's lots of counter space, Mr. Crab and I can work in there without knifing one another. Plus, we have to get the contents of our kitchen off of our balcony, because the disarray is driving us batty.

So, there are two parts to this kitchen redo. Soon, you'll see it with new paint, new appliances, and a new sink and faucet. Then, in perhaps six months, we'll bite the bullet, live in chaos once again, and put in those new counters, cabinets, and cork floor tiles that we truly want. Delayed gratification, maybe, but I think it'll produce superior results. I'm currently investigating commercial stainless steel single basin sinks and sprayer faucets, so the kitchen fun's just begun. And I highly recommend Benjamin Moore's Ben and Aura lines of paint; there really aren't any fumes to speak of and the coverage is good.

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