Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Change Up of the New Toad Abode

This paint job must die.
As I've written before on this blog, we moved to a smaller, modernist space in a much hillier part of town. There's been adjustment (cat pee on Missoni shams, anyone?), but since the nightmarish colossal move (seriously, just throw out everything you own now and save yourself a ton of work) it's been pretty smooth sailing. Except, perhaps, for the ugly factor.

This ugly factor is best illustrated in the pictures of my new living room/loft, which look like the Lakers had a party and left their color scheme behind. I'm convinced that this marigold yellow and deep purple paint job in the main living area is the reason we got such a great deal; literally no one could stand to be in the room for any length of time. Add the bilious green kitchen and bath into the mix, and the house of many colors starts to pulse into your brain (they say that yellow creates anxiety, and now I'm inclined to believe it.

It could be cool... but not yet.
I have the almond bowl. Peanuts work, too.
So, I've decided to follow in the grand tradition of design blogs like Remodelista and Apartment Therapy and post my own "Before and After" series. Is this really gift oriented? Well, you might not think so at first, but have no fear: I'm still editing and scouting and repurposing things, so there's plenty of products to croak about. I've already transformed an Areaware bowl from a purely decorative piece on my old mantel into a beautiful resting place for keys upon entry. Not bad.

So enjoy these heinous "Before" pictures. Be grateful you're not living in my kaleidoscope world. And prepare to be amazed (or at least not disgusted) by the transformation.

There was a disco ball and laser light apparatus too. Party down!
By the way, those are indeed blue lightbulbs burning inside those Ikea paper lanterns in the living room. Just another aspect of the former owner's design sense that makes me ponder, "WTF???"


Christina Simon said...

I'm sure the finished product will look awesome! In the meantime, good luck with all that paint!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Ikea in there.... Good luck with the paint job -- just white might look the most modern. How simple and peaceful that would be...

Unknown said...

OMG! That's hilarious, Jenny. Really, some people have the more god awful taste. I am sure you will make it wonderful. Congrats on all teh wonderful new beginnings. Can't wait to see the after pics!