Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Revamp with All Modern

Behold: one expensive trash can.
After a relocation, The Toad is back, and is obsessed with all things modernist. While modernism was always an interest, the change from a spanish home to a stylish modern hill house has really spurred me on to shop modern in a big way. And, although Los Angeles is full of modernist wares, there's really no better place to look than online.

Thus, the All Modern web site. It's stuffed with offerings large and small, from Alessi accessories to Grohe faucets. In one full swoop, I purchased a spare, simple medicine cabinet, a toilet paper holder and towel holder, and it really wasn't that pricey. Shipping on many items is free and efficient. And the prices are good (ok, the VIPP trashcan at right isn't necessarily a great example of savings, but doesn't your trash deserve a lovely spot to temporarily rest?).

While I realize that this doesn't seem like a gift site, I beg to differ. There are gift ideas aplenty available at All Modern for the clean lined obsessed. And for home improvement, I'd say it beats the hell out of The Home Despot. Go to All Modern and see what I'm blabbing about.

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Pauline Gaines said...

This reminds me that I have a very stylish, expensive trash can in the corner of the kitchen that broke about two days after I bought it. The top won't pop up. It is completely non-functional Yet I have left it there, as sort of an objet, because it fits so neatly into the corner, and it's pretty, in its sleek, triangular stainless steel way. You sound like you're having a blast furnishing your new place.