Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Planter is Perfect for The Purple Thumb

This planter and a camel have one thing in common.
Yes, I have a purple thumb. That means that I buy plants and care for them with the best of intentions, but their survival is still hit or miss. Perhaps I'm a bit neglectful in terms of weeding or watering? I do my best, but when it comes to growing little seeds, The Toad needs help.

I've looked at many different self watering planters, but most of them seemed ugly or just faultily designed. I have high standards; I want live plants that have stylish homes. This self watering planter from Joey Roth delivers the goods on both counts. Made of lovely porous ceramic, it operates very simply. Plant around the middle cistern. Fill the cistern with water. Forget about it for a while. The plants will happily grow as the water seeps through into the soil. And they will do so while looking simple and modernist. It works for me.

Planted with herbs, this planter would make one killer hostess gift. It's just $45 at Joey Roth, and might turn that purple thumb a lovely shade of green.

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